Social Media Statistics: By-the-Numbers, January 2011 (Part II)

by Staff January 24, 2011   Insights

Below are interesting statistics on social media usage. Feel free to share your favorite social media statistics in the comments section.

  • 30 billion pieces of content (e.g., links, photos, notes) are shared on Facebook each month (Source: Royal Pingdom)
  • 25 billion tweets were sent on Twitter in 2010 (Source: Royal Pingdom)
  • 200 million views of YouTube via mobile per day (Source: Google)
  • 152 million blogs on the Internet at the end of 2010 (Source: Royal Pingdom)
  • 100 million new accounts added on Twitter in 2010 (Source: Royal Pingdom)
  • 53% of American Internet users look for information on Wikipedia, up from 36 percent in 2007 (Source: Pew Internet)
  • 50% of U.S. CMOs at Fortune 1,000 companies said they launched a corporate blog because “it’s the cost of doing business today” (Source: eMarketer)
  • $3.08 billion will be spent to advertise on social networking sites in 2011, a 55 percent increase over 2010 (Source: eMarketer)
  • 200 million registereed accounts on Twitter as of January 2011 (Source: Twitter)
  • 110 million tweets are sent per day on Twitter (Source: Twitter)
  • 27.5 million ‘stumbles’ on content discovery site StumbleUpon in one day, a new all time record (Source: StumbleUpon)
  • 65% of U.S. adults use social media and say they have received a positive benefit as a result (Source: Harris Interactive)

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