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Using Social Media to Empower Resellers

by Banking.com Staff January 28, 2011   Insights

Jeese Stanchak at SmartBlog on Social Media recently interviewed Cisco’s Small Business Marketing Manager, Jeanne Quinn, about the role social media plays Cisco’s business model.  Stanchak posed questions about which Cisco’s engagement on social media platforms, as well as asked Quinn to share lessons learned from Cisco’s social media strategy.

Analysis: Cisco Systems is widely recognized as a leader in social media adoption at the corporate level. When it comes to the company’s focus on small business, Cisco executes on-going listening campaigns in an effort to better understand the pain points for resellers and potential customers. In terms of how it views various channels, Cisco utilizes Facebook to share the content it generates, Twitter to amplify key messages and spotlight content, LinkedIn to foster small group and community discussion and YouTube for video distribution.

In terms of the customer service issue (which can’t be ignored on social channels), Cisco’s approach is simple and one that other organizations should aim to replicate. Specifically, the company aims to respond promptly, empathize with the customer’s issue or concern, and do its best to solve the problem or get them to someone who can help as rapidly as possible.


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