The Next Layer of Security: 2015 is going to be the year we see the role of passwords as a security tool diminished to the point where nothing of importance is secured with a password as the primary barrier. EyeVerify’s eyeprint technology is at the center of better mobile security through biometrics and we’re seeing an unprecedented level of frustration and annoyance by consumers and financial institutions with passwords. – Chris Barnett, EVP, Global Sales & Marketing, EyeVerify

Lean Startup Lesson: Three Ways to Engineer Growth

by Allison Green April 18, 2012   Voices

There’s more than one way to grow a business. The tricky part for most startups is identifying one growth lever that works and specializing in that. In this interview Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, speaks to Intuit Vice President of Design Innovation Kaaren Hanson about three key ways that businesses can engineer growth.

This is the seventh installment of a new series where Intuit leaders, including CEO Brad Smith, Founder Scott Cook and Vice President of Design Innovation Kaaren Hanson will sit down with author Eric Ries to expand on some of the themes in his best-selling book The Lean Startup.

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*Originally posted on the Intuit Network. You can watch more of the series here.


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